How do you prove fault after a car accident in California?

How do you prove fault after a car accident in California? If another driver hits you and injures you, you must prove the accident was the other driver’s fault before you can receive any monetary compensation for your injuries. Read the article below to learn how. Police Reports are useful in determining fault for California car collisions Police don’t always arrive at the scene of an accident. They will usually come out if the collision is more severe, or if there are reported injuries. But if it’s an accident with relatively little damage to the vehicles, the police dispatch will usually tell you to resolve the dispute on your own by exchanging information between all parties. But if the police do come out, their collision report may be useful. These reports are summaries of the officer’s observations of the accident scene. They will take notes of: the vehicle positions (warning:vehicle positions may … Read More

Getting a quick settlement after a California car accident

Why you don’t want a quick settlement after your California car accident Can you get a quick settlement after being injured in an accident? Yes. But you don’t want to. You see, insurance companies love it when you rush to settle your claim. Insurance adjusters are sharks. They can sense urgency, and the unwillingness to see a case all the way through. So they prey on injured victims all of the time. As soon as you are in an accident they descend on you like vultures. They’ll call you and ask to take a recorded statement. They’ll ask about your injuries even though a lot of injuries take hours or days to really feel. They’ll ask if you’ve seen a doctor. They’ll ask if you are willing to settle right then and there, they’ll pay your medical bills and give you a little extra for your trouble. This is all … Read More

Most common injuries after a car accident in San Diego, California

According to the National highway Traffic Safety Association, there were 2.4 million injuries involving a motor vehicle in 2012. (( With so many injured victims, there are just as many different circumstances surrounding those accidents. Even so, there are some injuries which are more common than others. Some injuries resolve on their own within a few days of the accident. Some injuries might take months to heal, and yet others may take years. In worst case scenarios, the injuries you suffer in a car accident will never heal and will result in a permanent condition or worse, disability. While each accident is unique, some factors will influence what type of injury you suffer. Keep in mind however, there is no “typical case.” You see news reports of a horrific looking accident where the driver walks away. And there are cases won in court, where a low speed collision with minimal … Read More